Ancaster Village Church: Day 1 & 2

Ancaster Village Church: Day 1 & 2

We’ve made it to Ancaster! For those who don’t know, Sam Thiessen, Joanne Greenwood and myself (Pastor Jim) are spending a few days in Ontario with the people of Ancaster Village Church. Ancaster Village Church (or AVC) is a young church that we’ve been supporting financially and prayerfully since 2012. Ancaster itself is a type of heritage community, one of the oldest cities in Canada, and AVC is very active within this community.

On Thursday, after driving, flying, waiting, flying, eating some delicious burgers and then driving some more, we spent about 12 hours travelling from Estevan to Ancaster, Ontario. We were picked up from the Toronto airport by Aaron Gerrard, the pastor at Ancaster Village Church, and we were taken to our different billets houses where we socialized and slept.

The Gerrard’s living room with Aaron

On Friday morning, we spent some time at the Gerrard’s house listening to their stories of how they came to Ancaster and some of the significant ways God has met with them through doubt, pain, healing, and deep intimacy. It was deeply encouraging to hear how God has walked closely with Aaron and Shalene in their time in Ancaster and how he continues to do so.

After having lunch together, we travelled to McMaster Divinity College where we met with Dr. Lee Beach, a member of AVC, who spoke with us about the unique challenges the church faces in our current culture. At one point he brought us to their space they use for chapel, explained that they have chapel every Monday and asked why at a school of 20,000 people, they only had 50-60 people attend chapel on a weekly basis. Things have changed in our culture and church and Jesus are no longer a regular part of life within the minds of most young Canadians.

The chapel at McMaster with Lee Beach

Lee talked with us about how we must embody the life of Christ in our community, asking where we see God at work and how we can partner with Him in that work, both in individuals and communities, and that we must be ready and willing to tell our story and God’s story to those we are growing in relationship with. We are fired up to explore this idea with you all back in Estevan!

Our evening was then spent doing some touring around some of Southern Ontario as we drove out to Niagara Falls with Lee and Joanne Beach. We got to take a look at the Falls both in the daytime and at night, have a great Italian dinner, and enjoy the Beach’s company. We got back to our billets houses late and tired.

Joanne Beach taking Sam and Joanne’s picture at the Falls


We have been blessed so far with wonderful hospitality, encouraging stories of God’s presence, and challenging yet energizing teaching about being Christ’s representatives by intentionally being present in our communities and loving and growing relationships with those around us. We are looking forward to what tomorrow will hold.


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